January 2018 sales haul

A lot of my non-horsey friends are currently being all frugal and sensible because of one responsible adult reason or another.... But not me! 💸 Even though I was thoroughly spoilt at Christmas and I did kinda half promise/mention to people that I didn't need to treat myself to anything but come the January sales and I found I just couldn't resist a bargain. Which is how all the below happened! ⤵️

I'm so pleased with all my sale buys this month that I wanted to share them with you. Both are from the Eskadron Classic AW17 collection, I bought the big square pad and bandages in aqua marine and the glossy wave pad in navy from Feather Dressage. Hopefully I won't be an enabler here and encourage any last minute January spending - if I do, then apologies in advance!
As a matter of interest, has anybody else found the sales this year to be better than before? Also, I would love to hear if anybody else came across any finds in the January sales rummage! 💸💌 Right, time for no more spending ... (Until the SS18 collections start to appear in tack shops.) Hope you enjoyed the haul!

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